Tower of Sour Candy Urine Samples

Posted: July 19, 2012
Tower of Sour Candy Urine Samples
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We're ampin' up for the Summer 2012 Olympics. Which means the Olympic athletes are ampin' up for their drug tests. So in the spirit of US dominance, and the hope that none of our dominating athletes get busted for doping we present: liquid candy urine samples! Get ready, urine for a treat!

Impending London games aside, pee jokes are always funny. You know, like bullies and hardasses getting freaked the F out and peeing their pants. One dude relieving himself in a beverage container, and another dude coming along and taking a big swig. A smitten young man on a winter's stroll with his lady love romantically pissing her name in the snow. In fact, pee jokes probably rank third in the bodily function humor hierarchy, coming in only behind fart jokes and poo jokes. So it's no surprise that the Tower of Sour, Liquid Candy Urine Samples...oh, wait, I forgot about barf jokes...OK, I guess pee jokes are fourth. Still good gag gift material. Particularly when said gag gift is neon yellow potable piss, lemon pucker flavored, and downed straight from its medical testing vial.

Towers of Sour arrive in 5-container sets of figurative bladder discharge.

Side Note: Interestingly, the Tower of Sour's "liquid" candy contents are a syrupy liquid that makes it look like whomever provided the sample didn't drink a sip of water all day, and then washed down 6 Doritos Locos tacos and a Mexican pizza from Taco Bell with a couple shots of Hornitos before whizzing a near-solid out of his urethra.

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