The Big Zen 420-Pound Cannabis Chocolate Bar

Posted: April 20, 2023
The Big Zen 420-Pound Cannabis Chocolate Bar

Pass the pipe to Zen Cannabis for the The Big Zen and all, but how has no one ever made a 420-pound cannabis chocolate bar to celebrate 4.20 before? That seems like an idea every single stoner would have...pretty much every time they got stoned.

Maybe it was just the execution, or the motivation to execute, that was holding them all back.

So, again, kudos to Zen Cannabis for making 420 pounds of weed-infused chocolate a reality. And also for calling it "The Big Zen," which not only nods to the company name, but is also the perfect description of what the bar will bring you.

Provided you don't go all amateur night, ingest three times the recommended dosage of the edible, and end up transitioning from zen to catatonic in 4 minutes 20 seconds like so many dudes and ladies I've known.

Yeah, OK, mostly me and my friend Cornelius.

Happy 4.20! I hope it brings you peace, contentment, relaxation, and some Big Zen.

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