SurvivAMINO - Survival Protein Substitute

Posted: December 05, 2015
SurvivAMINO - Survival Protein Substitute
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SurvivAMINO will rePLACE proTEIN. Help you mainTAIN StrenGTH. Eliminate the hasSLE of CHEWing and TASTing FOOD. For active outdoorsman, backpackers, sailors, soldiers, or just mildly active dudes living in suburbia and preparing for the next Big Bad Thing, Vitality Sciences' SurvivAMINO pills will serve as your protein substitute during times more traditional sources are difficult to obtain, or take up too much precious space in your gear.

Each SurvivAMINO has around 3 grams of protein equivalent, with a recommended dosage of 15 tablets per day. That's 45 grams of protein (equivalent) checking in at substantially lighter and lower in volume than a comparable amount in meat, whey, or legumes. The pills won't spoil and smell like the inside of a dumpster after a few days either. Each 3-ounce bottle contains enough pure crystalline forms of essential amino acids for a week's worth of protein substitution. Left unopened SurvivAMINO will have the same shelf life as freeze-dried food.

Vitality Sciences points out that people quickly shed mental function along with strength and body weight due to a lack of protein in food shortages or other survival situations. They recommend slipping a bottle or two of SurvivAMINO into your bug out bag, backpack, or gore-tex jacket pocket as an easy and compact go-to just in case your exposure to these types of emergencies skids beyond pop culture and reality TV.

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