Survival Mac & Cheese

Posted: July 20, 2020
Survival Mac & Cheese
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Kraft, Chef's Banquet sees your wimpy little boxes of Mac & Cheese, and even your Costco-sized 18-packs of Mac & Cheese, and says, "Ha! You call that the cheesiest? You call that carbo-loading? Check this out." And then Chef's Banquet unveils the banquet: A 5-gallon, 26-pound, 180-serving bucket of Mac & Cheese.

That's enough Mac & Cheese for a Mac & Cheese lover's wet dream. Enough to eat Mac & Cheese every meal of the day for 2 months. Enough to make Mac & Cheese part of your family's SHTF Survival Plan, which might be the most delicious step towards emergency preparedness you've ever taken, Dad. Mac & Cheese in the face of disaster! Your kids will love you for it. Your wife will be so proud.

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