Srirachup - Sriracha Ketchup

Posted: March 16, 2014
Srirachup - Sriracha Ketchup
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I told them this is what would happen if they let the roosters near the tomatoes. The cocks just can't keep it to themselves. And now we have this bastard child. This atrocious, humiliating...awesome-sounding, mouthwatering bastard child I would like slathered all over everything I'm eating right now, including the mint chip ice cream and Hostess Sno-Ball. Sosu Sauces marries, or rather advocates the illicit encounters of juicy California tomatoes and spicy rooster juices to create Srirachup. The tastiest child conceived out of wedlock you'll ever eat.

As an alternative to saccharine, gummy, highly-processed ketchups, Srirachup begins as a 9-ounce jar filled with about 2 pounds of freshly-picked, organic California tomatoes. It then balances the tomatoes' natural sweetness with the fire of organic chili peppers, plus complementary ingredients that include organic apple cider vinegar, organic brown sugar, sea salt, and organic garlic. Yep, that's not only a ketchup-sriracha hybrid, it's a 100% organic one. Srirachup renounces: paste; high fructose corn syrup; GMO ingredients; artificial preservatives; and produce grown in faraway lands.

And it really brings out the coconut in my Sno-Ball.

Srirachup price is for a 4-pack.

Muchas danke to The Awesomer.

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