Pocket Latte - Coffee in a Bar

Posted: April 14, 2021
Pocket Latte - Coffee in a Bar
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Have you bitten off a latte? More than you can chew? Hang in there, keep working on it - once you get that big bite of Pocket Latte down, this coffee in a bar will give you a near-instant pick-me-up. A whole cup of coffee's worth, in fact, since Pocket Lattes are jacked up with 100 to 120mg of natural caffeine per bar.

Pocket Latte coffee bars come in 4 flavors: Cream + Sugar; Dark Roast; Hazelnut; and Lavender Vanilla. Despite their chocolatey candy bar appearance, none contain chocolate and, relatively speaking, Pocket Lattes are low on sweetness. All bars do contain some sugar, with Cream + Sugar maxing it out at 11 grams; the other flavors have 9 grams. Combined with their varying levels of 100% arabica coffee intensity, Pocket Latte bars are more about the coffee punch to the palate and caffeine kick in the pants than the candy bar coddling of a sweet tooth.

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