One F**kin' Drop at a Time Hot Sauce

Posted: September 29, 2013
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In this case, I think that inserting an eyedropper as a serving utensil for One F**kin' Drop at a Time Hot Sauce isn't more than just a kitschy packaging ploy. Reviews of the habanero- and scotch bonnet-infused mouth incinerator agree that drop by drop is the only way to consume this hot sauce without creating esophageal scar tissues. Unless you're one of of bad/jackasses in the video operating under the fill, suck, and lick clean protocol.

One F**kin' Drop at a Time Hot Sauce appears to supplement its title with extensive label musings, which begin with, "This is serious fuckin' hot sauce." After that, I can make out only selected words, including "burning", "scream", "sensitive", "ass", and "fuck."

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