Ketchup Salt

Posted: October 08, 2012
Ketchup Salt
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Obviously, I like putting ketchup on burgers and fries. I also kind of like putting ketchup on eggs. And potato chips. Probably I would enjoy it on a Caesar salad as well if it weren't so runny. Oh, why hello Ketchup Salt, transformer of the famed tomato-based sauce into a condensed granular seasoning that enhances everything from fries to fried chicken without making them soggy, sticky, or sloppy.

J&D's Ketchup Salt extracts the best of the former's personality and injects them into the latter's compact and mess-free body for a delicious accent to pretty much anything edible. Fish & chips? For sure. Bacon? Why not? Ice cream? Yeah, I would try it. Ketchup Salt: Almost as cool as DIY Cool Ranch Doritos in a pepper grinder on its own; slightly cooler given that it's commercially produced and packaged such that I don't have to do any real work aside from tipping, sprinkling, and mowing down.

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