Ghost Pepper Honey

Posted: July 14, 2015
Ghost Pepper Honey
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And she looked at you and said, "You want your honey? Oh, this bitch is about to give you your honey." I think that's the inspiration behind Geddes Farms' Ghost Pepper Honey. The retaliation might not go quite as planned though, because while it's true that this jar of honey is soaking up a few live samples of a World's Hottest Pepper, the resultant bee syrup isn't so spicy that it will burn the tongue out of any dude who utters the infamous Workaholics line. In fact, it's really only spicy enough to be so delicious that I've had my girlfriend put it in on my pulled pork sandwiches, my French toast, and my empty extended soup spoon as I bust out my flawless Oliver impression.

Sweet, 100% raw honey meets tear-duct-drainingly hot ghost peppers in Geddes' Farms uniquely spicy condiment. The dried peppers infuse the honey with approximately 3-1/2 out of 5 stars of heat just by bathing in it, which is how the 16-ounce jar arrives. Heat subdued by sweet makes for a winning combination, which Geddes Farms recommends taste testing drizzled over cheese, as a meat glaze, or even as a secret ingredient in your brownie recipe. Ghost peppers themselves are also edible if after draining the honey you suffer a temporary loss of sanity from the sugar rush.

Ghost Pepper Honey is unaltered, non-pasteurized, and harvested from bees set amidst fields of a wildflowers. It comes from Florida, USA.

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