Freeze Dried Meat

Posted: April 22, 2013
Freeze Dried Meat
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Japanese earwax magnifiers, freeze dried meat, Today's Special is: weirdness. Now someone take that mannequin's hat off so he'll stop yammering about sharing and being nice to people. Honeyville Rancher's Cut carnivorous delicacies in a can are all made from 100% of their specified animal. Meats undergo dicing (beef chunks, turkey, chicken, ham) or crumbling (hamburger, sausage), cooking, and then the hyper-cold vacuuming of all their liquids prior to can transmission, at which point they are good to go for emergencies, camping trips, and the best rehydrated sloppy joe you've ever had.

Honeyville claims that its unopened cans of freeze dried meat maintain a shelf life of 15 years. Hmmm. The thought of eating a plate of chicken that has been around longer than any actual chicken could ever live seems a little risky. Good thing I have a cast iron stomach and laugh in the face of food poisoning. Freeze dried meat literature also notes that all products have been inspected by the USDA for wholesomeness. That makes me feel 0% better about their wholesomeness.

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