Flump Face - Your Photo on a Giant Marshmallow

Posted: December 02, 2014
Flump Face - Your Photo on a Giant Marshmallow
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Oh man, I cannot wait to toast my ex-girlfriend Karen's face over a roaring fire or blow it up in the microwave. Flump Face gives us the great pleasure of printing favorite pics of ourselves, the people we love, or the people we hate onto a giant, A4-sized slab of marshmallow. What purpose this serves aside from acting as the digital printing age's version of using your enemy's photo as a dartboard I don't know, but as I previously alluded: I want one. I believe Karen would heat up to morbid disfiguration best in a profile shot.

Acquire Flump Face photo-fectionaries just by uploading a high quality photo of your desired subject (um, and also paying for it). The printing magicians at Firebox will then transfer it onto its new spongy, squishy, sugary medium and seal it for shipment, as well as for up to 6 months of admiration. Once opened Flump Faces will still last 4 to 6 weeks--plenty of time to relish Hannibalizing yourself. Digital picture frames for the holidays? Instagram cameras? Psshh, amateur moves. If you really want to show you care, give them a memory immortalized in the methods of Stay-Puft.

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