Fire Syrup - Jalapeno Infused Syrup

Posted: December 09, 2020
Fire Syrup - Jalapeno Infused Syrup
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The makers of Fire Syrup, a jalapeno-infused sweetener and flavor kicker upper, call their creation "A sweet, hot squirt of genius with 104 uses!"

Bet they stole that line from the catalogue at a sperm bank.

Fire Syrup is drizzle-ready for any food or drink that needs some sweet heat to take it to the next level, or just make it memorable. Think fried chicken. Lemonade and margaritas. Grilled peaches and dense chocolate brownies. Mmmm, Fire-Syrup-slathered pancakes and bacon. It's also gift-ready for anyone who, like itself, is hot, but sweet, but hot.

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