Exotic Predator Jerky Gift Pack

Posted: November 30, 2016
Exotic Predator Jerky Gift Pack
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Now this is the kind of snake bite I'll take any day: the one where I'm on the delivering end, and the python recipient is covered in teriyaki sauce, kissed with brown sugar, and dried with a touch of liquid smoke. The Exotic Predator Jerky 3-pack follows up its snake appetizer with another reptile for the main course, a bag of Cajun Alligator. And for dessert?

Peppered Mako Shark.

Uhhhh. I'm a pretty big whore for sweets, but F. That. I don't care how jerky-fied they are. There will be no sharks in this house.

The Newport Jerky Company spices, dehydrates, and packages up the meat from over a dozen different animals you'd never find at the 7-Eleven checkout. Their Exotic Predator Jerky Gift Pack includes one bag each* of python, alligator, and mako shark jerky. You can also buy the bags singly, along with other tasty beasts, including alpaca, kangaroo, and snapping turtle.

*Later That Day Update: Thanks to eagle eye Dude reader Cameron S. for pointing out my previous error of stating all 3 bags in the Predator Pack contain 3 ounces of jerky. The shark jerky is indeed a 3-ounce bag, but you'll get 1.75 ounces of gator and 1.5 ounces of python.

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