Edible Cocktail Cups

Posted: September 08, 2012
Edible Cocktail Cups
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Pop Quiz, hot shot: What makes the nearly flawless Manhattan even better? A: An edible cup made of bitters. And drinking it without letting the bus drop below 50 mph, of course. Loliware's edible cocktail glasses up the complementary ante for a boozer's dozen (that's about 45, I think) of classic cocktails with their all-natural flavors, vivid colors, lip-titillating textures, and ability to be chewed up and swallowed.

Cocktail cup base ingredients are pectin and evaporated cane juice, with flavor additions producing five Loliware varieties that reflect our palate's five predominant tastes: bitter; salty; sour; sweet; and spicy. The Bitter Cup enjoys injections of barman's bitters, with notes of gentian root, cloves, and citrus peel. In addition to Manhattans, it gives a crunchy grand finale to Old Fashioneds, Gin & Bitters, Planter's Punch, and Sazeracs. The Salty Cup hints of both its namesake sea mineral, as well as lime for a balanced flavor ideally paired with Margaritas, Mojitos, Caipirinhas, Mexican beers, and other porcelain-god summoning tequila drinks. Tart and tangy Sour Cups are lemon-infused and at your disposal for Champagne, Gin & Tonics, Whiskey Sours, Sangria, or any cocktail served with a twist and a ticket to 800 milligrams of Advil. Creamy vanilla essence wraps around the milky white Sweet Cup, a natural for co-mingling with rich coffee liqueurs, Sambuca, Dark & Stormys, and rum-themed hangovers. Finally, Senor Spicy Cup, tinged with a bright pepper flavor, will kick up Bloody Marys, Martinis, Mecheladas, and cocktails that makes you want to kiss the sun before passing out in an old lady's hydrangea bush.

All Loliware edible cups hold 2 ounces of booze, and are made of vegan, biodegradable (duh) materials. They cost $3 apiece--not bad for a truly novel item--but must be purchased in batches of 50 per flavor. So, a $150 minimum order, which makes them somewhat cost prohibitive for those of us who aren't dropping mad cash on a wedding, and don't have Mitt Romney-sized bank accounts.

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