Edible Chocolate Scrabble Letters

Posted: February 18, 2012
Edible Chocolate Scrabble Letters
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Now when, at the height of an intense Scrabble match, you get stuck with both of the GD Zs, instead of driving yourself insane trying to remember if "ze" and "oz" are approved words, you can simply eat the offending letters while your partner is lost in delusions of triple word score Bingos, and taste the dilemma melt away. Edible Scrabble tiles are both made and naturally colored with pure vanilla and chocolate. They are regulation size at 1" squares, and even look eerily authentic with their detailed "wood" grains and lovingly engraved alphabets.

The tiles are made to order, and come in 12-letter sets of your choosing. Each additional tile is $2.60. So, for $63.20, you can ask your favorite word nerd, "Will You Marry Me?" or let the loser copywriter who always steals your Orange Fanta from the staff fridge know, "Your ass is grass." Choco-Scrabble shipments arrive packed in recycled paperboard with natural anti-microbial properties--yay! No worries about cutesy edible goodies causing mass eruptions of vomit during wedding receptions, or killing the birthday girl when she digs in to her gift! Turnaround times from date of order vary, so if you're in a rush to eat your words, please let your lovely vendors, Jason and Andie, know.

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