CLR CFF Clear Coffee

Posted: April 18, 2017
CLR CFF Clear Coffee
$7.50 - $19
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For some coffee clears the mind, but for none does coffee clear the teeth. CLR CFF, perhaps inspired by 1992 and Pepsi's other face-palm moment, and certainly in an effort to pump your body with the physical effects of your daily fix without leaving behind its physical evidence on your pearly whites, has developed a 0% opacity, 100% clear coffee.

Rather than simply creating a transparent energy drink and spinning it as clear coffee! Clear Coffee uses actual coffee beans to create CLR CFF. Though they're vague on how they get the see-through look in their filled bottles--"produced by methods which have never been used before"--the company claims there's nothing inside but percolated high quality Arabica beans and pure water. Vagaries continue when it comes to the newly colorless coffee's flavor, described as "unique." Hmmm, now is that "unique" delicious like a scoop of bacon ice cream, or "unique" ass like a scoop of cilantro goat cheese?

Only one way to find out. And I guess if you've gone blk. with your bottled water, may as well try going CLR with your coffee.

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