Cereal Motel Adult Cereals

Posted: March 21, 2017
Cereal Motel Adult Cereals
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Cereal Motel has a slightly different take on "adult" cereal than Fiber One and unfrosted Mini Wheats do. It's a take I like a whole, whole lot more than whole grains and improved bowel movements. Cereal Motel makes "deliciously inappropriate cereal for grown-ups." And, yes, the image on the cover of their box of Booty Pops is indeed a nod to the infamous Kim Kardashian nude shoot for Paper Magazine. And also Catwoman. Perhaps a suggestion to whomever casts the next Batman movie.

Can we pause on that for a minute? Kim Kardashian as Catwoman. Alright, whether you just vomited or jizzed in your pants, let's get cleaned up and back to our dirty cereal.

Maybe even better than Cereal Motel's Booty Pops, Porn Flakes, Vice Krispies, and Sugar Tits is the prize they'll mail to you if you cut out and collect tabs from any 10 boxes: a tray of Kissing Cups, to-go coffee cups with human face lids you can rated-R make out with as you guzzle your morning coffee and mow down on some adult cereal.

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