Carbonated Sugar

Posted: July 08, 2013
Carbonated Sugar
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Carbonated sugar. Also known as Popping Sugar. Also known as the shit they use to make Pop Rocks! F stingy, tablespoonful servings for 99 cents, how's about a whole vat of candied mouth explosions? And a mere packet of Pop Rocks and Coke might not actually blow up my stomach when ingested simultaneously, but perhaps the equivalent of 32 packets mixed with the world's favorite Cola would do the trick. Or at least enable me to belch the Star Spangled Banner in its entirety. I haven't been this excited since I saw the 8lb bag of Lucky Charms marshmallows!

Molecule-R's Popping Sugar consists of small bits of sucrose, lactose, and glucose syrup melted and then cooled as it is injected with carbon dioxide. As the sugars harden again, the CO2 is trapped inside until released again by a warm tongue or sharp tooth.

Recommended uses for the fizzed insulin jacker include cake or ice cream topper, chocolate covered fruit dipper, or means of teaching infants and toddlers how evil sugar can be.

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