Brew Glitter - Edible Wine & Cocktail Glitter

Posted: December 21, 2021
Brew Glitter - Edible Wine & Cocktail Glitter
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Brew Glitter. Dude. I have enough trouble getting glitter out of my house, my clothes, my - shiver - car if ever it encounters them, and now? Now? You're asking me to put myself in a position where I have to get glitter out of my body? My insides? All in the name of drinking sparkly cocktails, and sparkly Champagne, and sparkly - shiver - beer?

I think I'll leave Brew Glitter as a gift for the ladies out there.

I mean, unless a few Brew Glitter Sidecars on New Year's Eve will allow me to ring in the New Year with sparkly poo like a unicorn. Then we can talk.

Brew Glitter edible wine and cocktail (or any drink you like, really) glitter is obviously a food-grade product that's safe for human consumption. It comes in around 20 different colors, so in addition to making a colorful cocktail of booze for your next celebration, you could also whip up a colorful cocktail of glitter to down with it.

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