Beef Jerky Flower Bouquets

Posted: January 08, 2017
Beef Jerky Flowers
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Men, say it with diamonds. With chocolate truffles. With roses. Ladies, say it with beef. Jerky. In the shape of flowers for good measure. Because even though nothing will tell your man's belly how you feel more than 8 ounces of 100% pure dried beef, if you really want him to know how much you love him / how awesome he is / how bad you F'd up, nothing will will speak more passionately to his heart than molding that beef into a Broquet of roses displayed in a beer mug.

Say It with Beef makes jerky flower arrangements for the dudes (and meat-craving ladies) out there who would be way more likely to stop and smell the roses if they could devour them as a high-protein snack afterwards. Jerky Broquets come with your choice of original, peppered, teriyaki, or mixed jerky flavors lovingly shaped into in bunch o' roses or daisies. You can also opt for either a pint glass or beer mug display "vase."

If you're having visions of Valentine's Day gifts, or need a delightfully apropos way of apologizing for behaving like such a jerk(y) last night, go ahead and Say It with Beef. Broquet orders ship from Tulsa, OK, and due to the delicate nature of the flcowers will require arrangement in the glass post-arrival.

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