A Monthly Taste of Japan Box

Posted: December 24, 2013
A Monthly Taste of Japan Box
$12 - $144
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Listen up, 11th hour shoppers, plus anyone else who loves candy, surprises, and/or the delicacies of Japan (the edible, not the human ones): Skoshbox, a deliverer of monthly, fresh-off-the-boat candies and snacks from the metropolis of the Far East, is still accepting orders for January box delivery--i.e., a Christmas gift for that nephew with the funny ears you forgot about--through December 24th. Skoshbox gift ordering options include a 6-month or 12-month subscription ($72 or $144)

Skoshbox also offers individuals an ongoing monthly subscription for $12/month).

So what kind of loot is in the box? An assortment of handpicked, sample-sized candies and snacks ranging from strange and delicious to strange and strange to serve as the recipient's personal culinary trip to Japan once every month. Samples from the current box include:

  • Yuki No Yado Custard, rice crackers with custard-flavored drizzle.
  • Mini Senbei Mix, real cuttlefish crackers with peanuts, mochi crackers, and pink-flavored peanut balls. [Can someone tell me what flavor pink is?]
  • Mini Baumrolls, little cakes flavored Green-Matcha and White-Cream.
  • Strawberry Kit-Kat, just like the one you know, but, like, strawberry-flavored.
  • Even more things, which are not listed here because I did not feel like transcribing them!

Skoshbox gets its name from the Japanese word "sukoshi", meaning "a little bit." I think we use that word "skosh" in English somewhat regularly now. In fact, I know my grandma used to use it incorrectly to describe how much more brandy she wanted. The word she was really looking for was "gallon".

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