40 Below Joe Frozen Coffee Beads

Posted: May 26, 2019
40 Below Joe Frozen Coffee Beads
$34.99 - $64.99
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If 40 Below Joe's frozen coffee beads look a lot like caffeinated Dippin' Dots to you, and you love you some caffeine and Dippin' Dots, then today is a good day, my friend. These brewed Arabica beans and creamer have been cryogenically frozen into ice cold edible pellets by Curt Jones, the same dude who created Dippin' Dots 20+ years ago.

Branching out from his successful spin on ice cream, Jones created 40 Below Joe, essentially the same concept, but for coffee lovers and addicts up for a more whimsical method of wakeup juice consumption. Fresh-brewed black coffee gets a hit of -320 degrees F liquid nitrogen to transform it into beads. If you like creamer with your coffee, flavors such as French Vanilla, Mocha, Hazelnut, and Salted Caramel undergo the same process. All creamers are coconut milk-based.

40 Below Joe coffee beads ship as either a case of 4 x 18.5-ounce bags (28 servings total) or 10-packs of Dippin' Dots-style grab-and-go cups. What do you think? Is 40 Below Joe the Coffee of the Future?

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