Loose Leaf Tea Discs in Bamboo Leaf Tube

Posted: November 05, 2022
Loose Leaf Tea Discs in Bamboo Leaf Tube
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Never spill the tea again with these loose leaf tea discs. At least not literally, and not before you brew it, thanks to this pressed-and-packed, bag-free design. The tea discs also come packaged in an eco-friendly bamboo leaf tube, so anyone spilling the tea about you will at least have to acknowledge the environmental friendliness you show in your choice of caffeinated beverages.

The loose leaf tea discs in this tube is called pu-erh, a fermented black tea from the Menghai county of China's Yunnan province. Its flavor is described as woody, nutty, and a bit floral. The tea's fermentation process allows it to enjoy an extended shelf life of up to 50 years, as well as age and change in flavor and presentation over time, similar to wine.

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