Ruckus Hoptimus Prime Beer

Posted: March 14, 2013
Ruckus Hoptimus Prime Beer
$6.49 - $87.99
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Ruckus Brewing's Hoptimus Prime enjoys a wicked twist of irony: instead of transforming those who drink it into sage and powerful leaders of an elite race of impenetrable robots, at 9.0% ABV the double IPA reduces them to sloppy piles of immobility and incoherence. On the upshot, a couple pints of Hoptimus may also make every woman in the room look like Megan Fox. Man. I still can't believe she's married to and responsible for the progeny of David Silver.

Hoptimus Prime is dry hopped for two weeks with 5 different hop varieties to create an Autobot-sized hop flavor and aroma. Three types of malt balance out the brew and try to compensate for the fact that it isn't Bud Light Lime. Online Ruckus vendor Half Time sells Hoptimus Prime beer by the bottle ($6.49) for those who just want one to add to their collection of Transformers puns, or by the case ($87.99) for those with their sights set on getting comprehensively shitfaced.

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