Mucha Liga Tequila

Posted: March 03, 2017
Mucha Liga Tequila

Mucha Liga has made a tag team trio of lucha libre-themed tequilas, and in so doing has also made a fantasy many of us never even knew we had come true. Which mask will you wear ('til you puke 'n' pass out) during your next fiesta?

Mucha Liga says Bravo "The Fresh" represents "tequila in its purest form." The geodesic man in aqua holds that which is unaged and clear for a fresh and fruity taste from the Blue Agave.

Canibal "The Fiery" is Mucha Liga's red-masked reposado tequila, aged in white oak barrels to develop its clear-golden color and notes of anise, caramel, and cinnamon.

Invicto "The Fearless" Anejo tequila comes from agave matured in the field and then left to rest further in the barrel. Mucha Liga puts a white mask on Invicto to complement his deep ocre with shades of gold appearance. Robust, smooth, and bold, this tequila smacks of the woods and smoked agave.

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