James T. Kirk Bourbon

Posted: July 20, 2018
James T. Kirk Bourbon
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A few shots of James T. Kirk Bourbon will allow men to boldly go where no man has gone before: to Tom Brady's doorstep with a trench coat, boombox, and all the right words to convince Gisele she should leave him for you. Or, like, maybe just upstairs to the unit of the smokin' hot girl with the Puggle you always see in the elevator and can't think of anything to say to besides, "Uh, hi." And you usually direct that sentiment at her dog. But now! Now you have the intoxicating power of a Starfleet Captain inside you!

And hopefully some James T. Kirk Bourbon left to share with her too.

The forthcoming James T. Kirk Bourbon, in addition to delighting the tastebuds of Trekkies and Star Trek: TOS fans, might please anyone who digs bourbon whiskey, and especially small batch, limited releases. Though Kirk was born in Iowa, James T. Kirk Bourbon has recruited barrels from Kentucky, Tennessee, and Indiana to create the spirit. It has notes of caramel, Asian five spice, and pecan.

At printing, James T. Kirk Bourbon was taking pre-order reservations for the booze, which should start teleporting to liquor cabinets in 2264. And shipping by mail in October 2018, in plenty of time for the holidays if you want to start your geek gift shopping early.

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