Don't Break the Bottle Wine Puzzle

Posted: June 17, 2012
Don't Break the Bottle Wine Puzzle
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Oh, Dad. You're such a sage. A simultaneous student and master of life. Willing pawn of the golf course, declared slave to the fishing pole. A magnate at the office, a maestro on the grill. Cigar aficionado, connoisseur of fine spirits and wines. But with regard to that last bit...maybe it's time to cut back on the drinking. I mean, a liver has only so many miles on it, and like you always tell me, Life's not a race, it's a marathon. So this Father's Day, I'm mixing up the customary necktie-and-bottle-of-wine gift combo by throwing in this Don't Break the Bottle wine holder and puzzle.

In addition to precluding your sly downing of the entire bottle of wine within 30 minutes of unwrapping it, the brain-bending puzzle winding its way around a wooden cozy will also reinforce in you all of those character-building buzzwords tossed my way during the talkings to you gave me when I was a kid. You know, the ones that ended with me stomping off, seething in anger over having gotten an earful about patience, discipline, and applying myself instead of tickets to Whitesnake.

So Happy Father's Day, Pop. All you need to unlock this 2001 Beringer Private Reserve is a little patience, discipline, and self-application to maneuver the ball, manipulate the rope, and finesse the block free.

Don't Break the Bottle comes with 3 wooden puzzle pieces and instructions for assembly/disassembly. Equal parts fun and infuriating, the manufacturer notes its use as an entertaining party game, or terrific gift for the wine enthusiast "with a sense of humor."

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