Smell Training Kit for Smell Loss & Scent Distortion

Posted: October 11, 2022
Smell Training Kit for Smell Loss & Scent Distortion
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I don't imagine a smell training kit designed to "help regenerate damaged neural pathways in your nose after experiencing smell loss (anosmia), reduced smell (hyposmia), or distorted smell (phantosmia)" would have gotten much airtime pre-COVID, but one pandemic and thousands of damaged olfactory centers later, here we are. Reading all about the Moxe Smell Therapy Kit, and deciding if it's worth the cash and the effort...and the possible admission that you used essential oils to cure yourself of an ailment...to rehab an all-new kind of broken nose.

Moxe's Phase 1 Smell Training Kit comes with lemon, rose, clove, and eucalyptus fragrances, which the company says scientists and doctors call some of the most important scents in the Odor Prism for stimulating the human sense of smell. They encompass Flowery (rose), Fruity (lemon), Spicy (clove), and Resinous (eucalyptus). Using the oils in the 4-step therapeutic sessions Moxe outlines in its kit can make it easier for your nose to pick up on not only these poignant scents, but all the others that fall within the Prism.

Smell Training Kit Scents are packed in tubular nasal inhalers, and all of them are non-toxic, plant-derived, and 100% natural essential oils. The kit also includes information on why Moxe included each scent, personal log templates to help you track progress, and tips & tricks on how to attach scent to memory, and get the best results from your training.

Once you've mastered Phase 1, and have full use of your sniffer, you can go on to Moxe's Phase 2 Scent Diversification Kit, and work on becoming a super smeller, a sommelier, or a bloodhound.

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