The Perfect Pint Glass 12-Pack

Posted: December 04, 2018
The Perfect Pint Glass 12-Pack
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What makes a pint glass perfect? It's a loaded question for beer lovers, and I'm sure one with no single answer. But if we're talking about what makes a pint glass a Perfect Pint, the answer is easy: a vessel that looks like a pint glass and feels like a pint glass, but breaks like no glass.

Because the Perfect Pint is plastic.

Made in Colorado, the Perfect Pint is constructed from durable, cloud-free Tritan BPA-free plastic. This makes it rugged and shatterproof, but still maintains the essence of drinking from a true pint.

The 12-pack of Perfect Pints here would make a great beer gift, especially for snobs enthusiasts who turn their noses up at drinking fine brews out of plastic cups.

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