Roll-uh-Bowl Big Rub Foldable Waterpipe

Posted: January 26, 2017
Roll-uh-Bowl Big Rub Foldable Waterpipe
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Previously on Ways to Smoke Things: Roll-uh-Bowl establishes itself as your foldable, portable, indestructible bong on the go. On this episode the silicone waterpipe shows how its grown. Matured. Going king-size to become the Roll-uh-Bowl Big Rub.

Like the original Roll-uh-Bowl, the flexible Big Rub literally folds up for transport and storage, making it an appealing go-to for bong enthusiasts that also like to hit the trail, the slopes, and the beach. As well as those who are kind of clumsy and have hit one too many pipes the wrong way; Roll-uh-Bowl's Big Rub is not easily broken.

Big Rub, as you might expect, has the capacity for bigger bowls and bigger rips thanks to its granddaddy 9mm stainless steel eject-a-bowl. Unraveled it stands 12" tall. The pipe also has a 9mm Graffix Composite Down Stem with GLID 1-way stopper ball. Roll-uh-Bowl silicone has a Grade VI healthcare rating for safe use in your mouth, as well as safe cleaning in your dishwasher's.

Get your Roll-uh-Bowl Big Rub in a choice of colors Black, Green, or Glow for 16% off for a limited time.

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