Rhino Shield iPhone 6 Screen Protector

Posted: September 22, 2014
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Get a Rhino Shield impenetrable scratch & impact screen for your new iPhone 6! Just $19.99, 33% off its $30 retail value, from Dude Exclusives.

At only 0.029 cm thick and cut to adhere precisely to the iPhone 6 or 6+ screen, Rhino Shield's custom formulated polymer safeguards the most precious devices we own from an impressive range of impact types and severities. Check out the video to see it team up with Gorilla Glass and walk away unscathed from poundings, scratchings, drops, and the touch of Ke$ha. Also FF to 1:18 to rock out to a sweet Rhino Shield percussion session.

Rhino Shields for iPhone 6 are smooth and transparent, and can be used either solo or in conjunction with a case. They even resist fingerprint smudges, which is welcome news to someone like me who tends to text & Taco Bell a little too often. Screen-saving superheroes Evolutive Labs ship Rhino Shields with adhesive backings they say are easy to apply, and although I previously presumed that meant easy if you have the fine motor skills of a surgeon, I have since installed a Shield on my mama's tablet in exchange for dinner and found it not to be the most difficult and tedious thing I've ever done in my life.

Rhino Shield packages include: 1 x Rhino Shield screen protector for either iPhone 6 or iPhone 6+; 1 x microfiber cloth; 1 x squeegee; and 2 x dust removal stickers.

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