PhotoProX Drop & Waterproof iPhone Case

Posted: June 26, 2014
PhotoProX Drop &Waterproof iPhone Case
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iPhone droppage. Does it occur more often while trying to take a photo? When you're swept away by the beauty of the Trevi Fountain and butter finger the 5s leaning in to get closer? Or when you're swept away by the beauty of the Italian bombshell walking towards the Trevi Fountain and kind of moonwalk-stumble your whole self into it? This is the sweeping beauty of the PhotoProX iPhone camera case and lenses: no matter how compromised you may find your dignity, your phone will remain intact. And stocked with footage of every underwater, in-air, up close, and panned out adventure and misadventure you encounter along the way.

The PhotoProX iPhone 5/5s single-piece case is made of military grade poly-carbonate for dual device protection: waterproof to 33' and drop-proof from up to 30'. The case is fully mountable and the both iPhone it houses and its charging ports and volume buttons are fully functional and accessible while secured inside.

Attachable PhotoProX glass lenses have aluminum bodies and include:

  • A Macro Lens with 10x magnification for intense detail
  • A Telephoto Lens with 2x optical zoom for action shots
  • A 175-degree Fish-eye Lens for a true widescreen experience
  • A Waterproof Flat Lens for underwater photography and dips in the Trevi Fountain.

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