Mobile & Desktop Game Developer Bundle

Posted: May 28, 2014
Mobile & Desktop Game Developer Bundle
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Score a Dude Exclusives game developer bundle, featuring over 30 hours of training that will equip you to create 7 different types of mobile and desktop games. Offered at 95% off retail value through July 11, 2014. May 28, 2014 is also the last day to slash another 10% off the purchase price in honor of the Dude Exclusives launch. Enter the code dudeexclusive10 at checkout.

The mobile and desktop game developer bundle includes training packages any beginner can use to learn to create 2D and 3D games in a variety of gaming platforms. These include:

Intro To Game Design with Unity3D. Over 18 lectures and 3 hours of content will teach the basics of creating games in the Unity3D engine, which has been used in all major systems and mobile devices. You'll learn how to apply textures, lights, and particle systems to environments, and then add a first or third person point of view to play the level you created. Games are publishable to iPhone, iPad, Android, and desktop.

Stencyl. A computer game design course including 41 lectures spanning 5-1/2 hours. Build a 2D game in hours from the ground up using Stencyl's unique logic block system. Create sprites with Photoshop. Share developed games with friends or publish them to commercial markets, such as flash portals, the App Store, or Google Play.

HTML5 Mobile Game Development for Beginners. Code on Windows 8, iOS, and Android after absorbing 57 lectures and 4-1/2 hours of content covering the open source LimeJS HTML5 game development framework. Tools and frameworks are free, and enable the construction and application of animations, transitions, sound, 2D physics, and touchscreen functionality. Transform your game to a native app using Appcelerator and sell it in app stores.

Build a Simplified Flappy Game for iOS 7. The 28-lecture, 2-hour course imparts the source code needed to create a version of Flappy Bird for iPhone. No coding is required to apply any desired theme, including Flappy Angel, demons, ducks, and penguins.

Match 3 Puzzle Game. Covers all steps necessary to set up your computer for development and become a licensed iOS developer. Install Match 3 from the source code (included with this course), run the game on the simulator, and modify the graphics and sounds to customize it into one of your own. Two hours of content in 22 lectures.

iOS Games For Beginners. Use Cocos2d, an open-source, royalty-free smartphone game engine, to build a complete mobile game, including sprite animation and action, and different actions chained and run simultaneously. Also use Cocos2d to build menus and understand scene workflow. Over 18 lectures and 7 hours of content.

Android App Development. A complete guide to learning Android programming from scratch, even for those with no prior Android knowledge. Over 44 lectures and 7 hours of content will assist in creating Android apps and games using Android SDK and Eclipse ADT. Successful completion of the course should leaves novice programmers with the skills to work on commercial and freelance Android projects.

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