MasterPan Stovetop Oven Grill Pan

Posted: December 08, 2018
$46.33 - $56.15
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For the master of the house, I present the master of the pan. MasterPan makes multi-functional cookware for cooks who want to do more with less. Their Stovetop Oven Grill Pan is an appliance-defying stainless steel cooker that brings the skills of your oven to your stovetop.

From frozen pizza to roasted pork chops, the Stovetop Oven Grill Pan bypasses that which must be preheated with its specially designs heat-in steam-out lid. As its name suggests, the lid is able to trap heat on the inside, but release the steam that goes with it, so you'll be able to crisp up your chicken skin, caramelize your vegetables, and avoid literal wet blanket pizza without sacrificing even cooking from top to bottom.

MasterPan's Stovetop Oven Grill Pan lid also has 5,000 laser-etched holes in its surface to serve as a splatter guard, preventing hot oil from splashing out during cooking.

While made for the stovetop, the Grill Pan is also oven-safe, plus can help re-create an oven environment over campfires. Dimensions are 12.2" long x 12.2" wide x 2.2" tall. The pan is dishwasher safe.

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