iStabilizer Dolly

Posted: July 30, 2015
iStabilizer Dolly
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Get the iStabilizer Dolly and create cinematic videos and panning shots with your smartphone! Offered as a Dude Exclusive for 34% off for a limited time!

Don't you love how anymore any jackass can take professional-quality photos and shoot cinematic masterpieces with the same device they use to call their mamas? Even tricky tricks of the trade, such as panning and tracking, are becoming more accessible with portable, relatively inexpensive equipment like the iStabilizer Dolly. This Beetlejuice sculpture on wheels from photography gear manufacturer iStabilizer pairs with most cameras capable of shooting HD video to create smooth tracking sequences on any flat surface.

No more having to incorporate an earthquake storyline into every video you shoot to account for an unsteady hand. iStabilizer Dolly screws into almost any smartphone or case up to 2.75" wide, and turns the shakes into the steady and polished. Its adjustable arm enables shooting at all angles and its quad of chunky, rugged wheels protect from tremors and bounce so that tracking remains even during filming, and audiences won't need complimentary barf bags to watch your reel of skate tricks. Unless your grand finale is biting it and ending scene gushing blood with a tib/fib jutting out of your shin.

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