iPhone 7 Razor Armor Shockproof Case

Posted: September 24, 2016
iPhone 7 Razor Armor Shockproof Case
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My friend Cornelius is about to crap his pants waiting for his Jet Black iPhone 7 to ship. I told him he better have a armored case waiting when he opens it so he doesn't butter finger it right out of the box or hug it so hard he crushes it. ZeroLemon's new Razor Armor for the iPhone 7 should kick in the needed coverage.

Razor Armor cases combine a double layer of polycarbonate interchangeable shell with a soft TPU inner frame to deliver shock-proof and scratch-resistant bodyguarding of the iPhone 7. Though certainly razor-sharp in their shielding skills, the "Razor" in this armor's name comes from another of its swell traits: it's also razor-thin. The case will add just 0.15" of thickness to your phone, plus maintain access to all of its ports.

Razor Armor comes in 5 different colors, and at a 26% discount for a limited time.

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