Cocoon Go Go Gadget Packs

Posted: December 30, 2015
Cocoon Go Go Gadget Packs
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Cocoon doesn't bill their Tech 16" Backpack and Graphite 15" Brief as Go Go Gadget holders fit for the Inspector himself, but I think deeming these labyrinths of gear containment and organization as much is a fair assumption on my part. The pack and briefcase are designed to house just about every Bond, Bat, and bumbling, trenchcoat-sporting everyman toy you could fathom taking along with you between the handsome, low-profile zippered walls of their water-resistant ballistic nylon.

Standard Tech and Graphite interior compartments hold 16" and 15" laptops respectively between a padded back layer, plus additional books and papers in a larger main space. But it's the zipper adjacent to the laptop area that draws down to reveal Cocoon's coup de EDC: A built-in GRID-IT! system of crisscrossed mesh able to secure any other items, large or small, flat or bulbous, you need for your day.

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