Air Bud Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds

Posted: October 16, 2018
Air Bud Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds
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Yep, Air Buds are cheap knockoffs of Apple's AirPods. But, with decent reviews and a price that probably won't make you smoke out the ears and stomp through the floor like Rumpelstiltskin when the lady guessed his name if they break after a few months, hey. My wife seems happy enough with her "Louis" purse even though the metal "Louis Vuitton Paris" bar at the clasp is sewn on upside down.

Wireless Air Buds connect to Apple iPhones and other devices via Bluetooth 4.2 tech, and hold their charge for up to 2-1/2 hours a go. They also come with a 600 mAh charging case, which allows you to re-juice them on the go up to 10 times.

Air Buds are also sweatproof for use during workouts and standing outside in the 100-degree heat. They have a built-in HD mic if you want to use them to take calls too.

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