WD_Black P10 External Game Drive

Posted: January 21, 2021
WD_Black P10 External Game Drive
$64.99 - $129.99
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WD_Black P10 External Game Drive is for all ye space hogs, sheet-stealers, and more-is-more kinda kids out there. Compatible with Playstation, Xbox, and PC gaming consoles, the WD_Black P10 provides between 1TB and 5TB of additional HDD storage capacity. Maker Western Digital says they built the Game Drive "specifically for gamers looking to expand the potential of their console or PC by saving their game library in an on-the-go form factor."

Western Digital also applies the rugged, industrial design of the WD_Black P10 Game Drive to a special Call of Duty edition of the external hard drive. This 2TB portable storage device is large enough to hold Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War (for PC, Xbox One, or PS4 only), its future updates, and some additional games. It comes with 1100 Call of Duty Points.

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