TinyScreen Video Game Kit

Posted: May 07, 2017
TinyScreen Video Game Kit
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The Tiny Arcade goes handheld. Tiny Circuits' TinyScreen Video Game Kit gives DIY gamers the chance to build their own miniature console. At the heart of the kit is the TinyDuino processor board, an Arduino Uno board condensed to the approximate size of a quarter. The TinyDuino platform is all open-source, with the handheld gaming set also including:

  • A USB TinyShield to communicate with the TinyDuino from your computer and upload new programs
  • A 96 x 64 color OLED TinyShield TinyScreen
  • A Joystick TinyShield with 2 analog joysticks and 2 shoulder buttons
  • A 140 mAh rechargable lithium polymer battery.

Once up and running the TinyScreen console can play games like Flappy Bird, Asteroids, and Space Invaders.

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