Professional Racing Simulators

Posted: September 22, 2012
Professional Racing Simulators

Downgraded in size, upgraded in awesomeness. These J3SIM Professional Racing Simulators have been tailored for both race centers and home use to give drivers the same adrenaline explosion and propensity to projectile vomit a few laps in a real Formula 1 or Indy car would. Available in four different models, the simulators sport aerodynamically perfect fiberglass bodies, with F1 car seats finished in carbon fiber that is an exact replica of their full-scale counterparts in both shape and size. J3SIMs are compatible with Windows, X-Box, Play Station, and D-Box Motion Control Systems, as well as all racing simulator software programs, both independent and networkable. Other sweet perks up for grabs to anyone with many, many dollars (the precise number of which can be determined by contacting Asian Replicas Designs & Trading Corp at [email protected]):

  • Built-in space efficient rear cabinet with hidden magnetic opening door for 5.1 surround sound, a 500-watt system, and transducer seat shaker.
  • Removable carbon fiber rear-mounted shelf to hold a computer, X-Box, or Play Station.
  • Removable and height adjustable carbon fiber and stainless steel side-mounted monitor stand to accommodate monitors from 22 to 42 inches.
  • Fully adjustable racing peddles and steering wheel to accommodate people from 4' to 6'6" tall.
  • Design allowing form J3SIM assembly and disassembly within 10 Minutes--will also fit into a standard-size car when disassembled.
  • Available In custom J3SIM colors, or any racing team colors/sponsor decals buyer wants, including personalized or corporate emblems.

Muchas danke to Damn Geeky.

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