PocketSprite - Tiny Retro Gaming Console

Posted: June 18, 2018
Pocket Sprite - Tiny Retro Gaming Console
$54.95 - $199
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The PocketSprite is retro gaming for your skinny jeans. Nintendo Game Boy on your keychain. Sega Master System sized for the sonic speed thumbs of today's texting youth*. The portable gaming and emulation console gives a modern design and a micro twist to classic video games and gaming systems.

PocketSprite was designed - meticulously and with precision, according to its creators - to be a legit gaming device. Throwing the gimmick of its keychain-ready size aside, the Pocket Sprite aims to be easy and enjoyable to set up and play. It has a super bright 60+ FPS OLED screen covered in scratch- and drop-proof Gorilla Glass, plus a tiny 8-bit speaker. Inside are a rechargeable battery and WiFi / Bluetooth connectivity options for updates and game adds. The PocketSprite also has an Instant On / Boss-Mode so you can pause and pick up games where you left off.

PocketSprite comes pre-loaded with two emulators, GNUBoy and SMS Plus. With them you can play every game available on Game Boy, Game Boy Color, Master System, and Sega Game Gear. The console is also an open source, mature development platform ready for hardware hackers.

The original PocketSprite comes in a rugged ABS case. Coming in June 2018 is also a new PocketSprite Deluxe edition. Each of these consoles are individually machined from a solid block of aerospace aluminum.

*But I think us clumsy-thumbed old farts can handle Mario on a Pocket Sprite too.

The Pocket Sprite is a top Dude gift for a geek pick.

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