Mobile Game Finger Sleeves

Posted: January 02, 2020
Mobile Game Finger Sleeves
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Sweaty thumbs killing your vibe - and your character - in PUBG and Survivor Royale? You may have laughed at the likes of mobile game finger sleeves in the past, but when it's your own fingers growing clammy and causing friction on your touchscreen during intense battles, sweat-wicking thumb condoms don't sound so bad, 'eh?

Mobile game finger sleeves are made with breathable and highly elastic conductive copper yarn. They say the covers' fibers will stay cool and dry during gameplay, and are thin enough to maintain touch sensitivity and the same natural, fast, and smooth experience with your screen you'd have with naked thumbs.

Mobile game finger sleeves come in packs of 4, and are suitable for use with most Android and iOS games.

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