mClassic Plug & Play Gaming Console 4K Upscaler

Posted: March 22, 2022
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mmmmmClassic. Nope, it's not the new Quizno's tagline, it's Marseille Inc.'s mClassic, a plug-and-play graphics card for your gaming console. One its makers call a "world's first" in its ability to boost a game's content in real time, upscaling each pixel to 4K resolution with virtually no lag as you play.

Marseille Inc. says the mClassic can enhance gaming worlds and make them more immersive with sharp, vivid images simply by plugging the drive into the HDMI port on your console, dock, or Roku / Apple TV, and connecting the other end to a TV or monitor with the included HDMI cable. The company has patented and labeled the Contextual Processing process they developed to make their claims possible.

The mClassic upscaler improves images in games for Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft consoles, including the legacy ones. The graphics card also has an external sliding switch you can use to turn scaling off, or put it in Retro mode, so you don't have to remove it if you don't want to 4K your game.

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