KAT Walk C Personal VR Treadmill

Posted: August 15, 2020

KAT VR calls its forthcoming KAT Walk C "the world's first personal VR Omni-Directional Treadmill." If you're not a gamer and that makes no sense to you, yep, sounds about right. The Kat Walk C is a gamer-designed gadget made especially for fellow gamers, giving users of any major VR headset in circulation the ability to move 360 degrees during play, and in a full range of natural motions. Within minimal IRL space. And without falling off, running into things, or whacking your head on a protruding piece of furniture and knocking yourself out cold.

The Kat Walk C apparatus consists of a 7.4 square foot dish base, surrounding guardrails, and a (non-restrictive) human harness to preclude the aforementioned physical mishaps. During gameplay, treadmill users also wear included KAT VR dedicated footwear. The package allows players to drop into VR-enabled games and:

  • Turn around safely & smoothly.
  • Walk, run, and stop with no delay.
  • Crouch.
  • Lean forward and pick up items.
  • Move backward.
  • Strafe.
  • Cruise.
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