HipShotDot - LED Gaming Sight

Posted: January 09, 2014
HipShotDot - LED Gaming Sight
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Know what your TV needs? A suction cup. Not sold? How about a suction cup housing an on-screen LED red dot sight attachment for gaming guns? The HipShotDot attaches via USB to video game consoles (or an external USB power supply), and then aligns with FPS in-game sights to improve players' aim, firing speed, and hit accuracy.

Compatible with all gaming consoles and PCs, HipShotDot literally enables players to shoot from the hip with precision. It also frees up slots for other in-game attachments/perks, increasing the number of possible maneuvers and kill combos. Prime HipShotDot battlegrounds include Call of Duty, Halo, Battlefield, and Gears of War, but the accessory will function with any FPS game.

HipShotDot powers up easily--connect the USB to a power source, and adhere the Dot to any TV screen or computer monitor with its pair of water-clear attachment points. When you see the red light switch on, you'll know you're in business. Kind of like finding a hooker in Amsterdam. From there align the LED Dot with your in-game sight and head into the fracas fully prepared to pull away from the game's background commotion, lock in on your target, and unleash your arsenal faster and more accurately than you ever have before.

To remove the HSD after use, pull on its cups' quick-release tabs and the device should pop easily off the screen.

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