DIY Gamer Kit

Posted: October 30, 2013
DIY Gamer Kit
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Technology Will Save Us. At least the company will. Their line of DIY technology will save us from idle hands, clumsy fingers, and thumbs up our butts. The latest, a DIY Gamer Kit, encourages the inquisitive first to build their own gaming console, and then learn to program their own video games using Arduino and Technology Will Save Us' custom software library.

Included in the kit are all necessary structural and PCB hardware pieces, as well as gaming controls, a buzzer, and wireless infrared links, the latter two to enable the addition of project music and multi-player gaming respectively. Physical assembly requires about 2 hours of soldering and technical finesse, all explained in detail in a downloadable how-to manual and video. Arduino coding is also explained in DIY Gamer Kit online materials, and pursuant to familiarization with it, the Technology Will Save Us software library will open for custom programming.

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