Blade Hawks RGB Extended Gaming Mouse Pad

Posted: December 16, 2019
Blade Hawks RGB Extended Gaming Mouse Pad
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What happened to the days when all kids wanted for Christmas was their 2 front teeth? Now it's video games, gaming consoles, game controllers, and, for those who know their Uncle Dude isn't spending more than $30 on them, a gaming mouse pad. Correction: a gaming mouse pad that lights up like a Vegas slot machine that just hit a jackpot, even when Little Richie sucks big doody in his Battle Royale.

The Blade Hawks RGB Extended Gaming Mouse Pad is large and in charge at 31.5" long x 12" wide. It's not just a gaming mouse pad, but a mouse pad / keyboard pad combo. The border of the flexible, rollable pad is RGB back lit with 10 different lighting modes, including 7 static and 3 dynamic.

The Blade Hawks mouse pad is USB-powered and has a plug-and-play setup, no driver required. Its waterproof surface is micro-textured for an enhanced user experience; in other words, ribbed for your pleasure.

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