8BitDo Arcade Stick for Nintendo Switch & Windows

Posted: October 06, 2020
8Bitdo Arcade Stick for Nintendo Switch & Windows
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While much of 2020 has been out of our control, 8BitDo reminds us something big, something uniting is coming in November that puts things very much in our control: the 8BitDo Arcade Stick. The Arcade Stick is an oversized, dynamic, customizable, and moddable cross-platform game controller for Nintendo Switch and Windows.

Arcade Sticks come loaded with 8BitDo Ultimate Software, which essentially means you're their programmer. You can customize button mapping, create macros with any button combo, and use its 2 dedicated macro buttons to tailor 2 completely different controller profiles, and then toggle between them based on your Switch or PC hookup. Or any other time.

By default, during Windows-Switch switch-ups the Arcade Stick's dynamic button layout automatically changes, and is reflected in its backlit visual layout. And if for some reason 8BitDo's nostalgic design choices don't resonate with you, the Arcade Stick is game for mods, including swapping out the 30mm / 24mm arcade buttons and replacing the glossy black joystick. 8BitDo says their joystick mounting plate "supports virtually every arcade stick ever made."

The Arcade Stick for Nintendo Switch & Windows connects via your choice of Bluetooth, 2.4g, or wired USB-C. At printing 8BitDo had it up for preorder on Amazon, with an expected release date of November 16, 2020.

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