Uniek Portable Pottery Studio

Posted: February 23, 2022
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I see the Uniek Portable Pottery Studio, a miniature pottery wheel machine for making miniature vases and bowls at home, and I think one thing: someone cue up the miniature ghost of Patrick Swayze! If Uniek's superfunded Kickstarter campaign is any indication, he's about to get real busy. In more ways than one.

The Uniek machine consists of a base mechanical unit with high-torque motors and bearings that power a 45mm spinning metal disc - the potter's wheel - on top. Uniek shrunk down and modernized* the traditional pottery studio fixture to make it more accessible for home use. Now you can mold and paint clay into an array of crafty collectibles and marginally useful coin dishes and succulent planters right from your dining room table.

*"Modernized" is an interesting word to apply to the Uniek Pottery Wheel because, while the company indeed tweaked the system's tech to make it more 21st century, they opted to go full retro with the portable studio's aesthetics. The Uniek design takes inspiration from 1950s appliances "like the old fridge at your grandparents� home." They think this makes the machine look hip and trendy, and like something you wouldn't mind keeping out on display even when you're not making little cups and dishes, and imagining yourself having supernatural sex.

If you agree, head over to the Uniek Portable Pottery Studio campaign page, and pledge for one of your own through April 2, 2022.

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